Welcome to Gunther Software

Gunther Software is a California business providing software products and consulting services.

Building Transparent AI Programs

Gunther Software's experience in Artificial Intelligence programming dates to the 1980s, when its staff was involved in prototyping some of the earliest commercial applications of rule-based systems.

Many of these early AI systems were written using non-standard programming languages and platforms, and often failed to integrate well with existing conventional systems. Their resulting isolation, combined with a certain hubris that afflicted the field at that time, caused them to do too much on their own, with too little visibility to, and input from, human beings.

The subsequent "AI Winter" of the early 90s forced a diaspora of AI developers into more conventional projects. There, they continued to use the techniques they had learned by developing small but valuable parts of otherwise-conventional systems. This resulted in a more healthy integration of AI as a specialized set of methods that had to prove its superiority and appropriateness vs. more standard approaches on a case-by-case basis.

During that interval, the Gunther Software consultancy invented and programmed an AI-based user interface for the automated layout of diverse controls displaying financial information. The results of each step in the layout process were made graphically visible to the system's human users, and user input was available at any time, but with an outcome that was guaranteed (by constraint-based look-ahead search that pre-screened user options) to satisfy all requirements, regardless of the choices selected by the system's users. This system became a featured part of the client's main product, and was patented by the client, with Gunther Software's staff as the named inventor.

Gunther Software has also worked on the rule-based components of larger systems that perform automated decision support for loan and insurance approvals, as well as on a number of purely conventional systems.

Most recently, Gunther Software has developed a family of Androidâ„¢ applications for word game analysis and training. As the user enters letters to an app's rack and board, the app asynchronously computes and updates, spreadsheet-style, the full set of words that can be played. A "heat map" mode colors each square to which any word can be played, with the squares having the highest-scoring words shown in "hot" colors like red. The user can then explore the full space of possibilities more specifically, either in a sorted order, or by simply long-pressing any square to see all words that can cover it. Words that require, or do not require, specific rack letters, can also be requested and displayed at the touch of a finger.

Gunther Software's word game apps are based on a proprietary library that it has developed for loading and incrementally searching multiple large word lists. This library can provide a foundation for additional word game-related applications in the future.

Products vs. Consulting

Gunther Software is primarily involved in developing its FullBoard line of Android products at the present time. Proposals to perform contract work are nonetheless welcome, and will receive serious consideration, especially if they overlap areas in which Gunther Software has recent experience or active interest.