FullBoard App Support

Support links for any FullBoard app can be found by selecting Help from the app's main options menu, and then selecting the About This App tab. Support information is listed in the section of that page titled "Contact FullBoard's Developers."

For information on how to obtain the FullBoard Helper App, click the image below to view that app's page in the Google Play Store.

FullBoard 11+ Word Game Helper

FullBoard App Information

If you are a blogger or other writer who is interested in writing about the FullBoard app, please send an email to to:

Note that any written materials on this Web site or in the app itself may be excerpted for purposes of creating a published review of the FullBoard app, in conformance with the fair use doctrine, without further permission from Gunther Software. But if you feel you need permission, or additional information beyond what is offered, please do not hesitate to use the address above.

If you are not a writer but just have a question or a comment, and have not yet purchased the app, we'd love to hear from you at the above app_info address, and we'll write back if time allows, but we cannot guarantee a response.

If you have purchased the app and need support, please do not use the above address; instead, to receive our immediate attention, use the contact method provided in the app itself, as described in the section above titled Fullboard App Support.

Software Development Services

Please send inquiries and proposals regarding contract software development to:

We're sorry, but we cannot respond to requests regarding Gunther Software's apps at this address.

DMCA Notices

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