An Android™ App that Provides an Expert's View of Your Word Game's Rack and Board

Gunther Software's new FullBoard word game helper app provides accelerated learning by revealing the secrets of your word game as you play it. Just use it after each play to see if you played the best word possible - or if you might have done better! Download our free, full-featured 14-day trial by clicking the image on the right side of this page.

One App to Rule Them All!

The FullBoard 11+ Word Game Helper app for Android gives you "the eyes of an expert"℠ for viewing all possible plays, exactly where they would be played, on your full board, when playing any of eleven different word games.

This app fully supports the English language versions of Words with Friends™, Wordfeud™, Scrabble®, Wordsmith, Angry Words™, Words by Post, Droidwords, Wordwise, Literati™, Lexulous™ and Wordscraper™. "Fully supports" means that when you select your game, the app's board shows the proper bonus squares for that game, the point values of letters change to those used for your game, and scoring is adjusted to use your game's rules for computing scores and bingo bonuses.

In addition, each time you select a game, we present to you a choice of word lists that closely (in most cases, exactly) matches those in general use for that game, with the most commonly used list at the top. For Scrabble alone, we provide four different word lists that are used in various situations by those who play Scrabble!

This app supports an unprecedented nine different word lists for the above games: TWL (Scrabble's North American Tournament Word List, also used for Wordfeud, Words by Post, Lexulous, WordScraper and Literati), CSW12 (the 2012 successor to SOWPODS, now increasingly used for U.S. Scrabble tournaments in place of TWL), SOWPODS (Scrabble's old list for international play, and still used for WordWise, and for international Wordfeud, international Lexulous, and international Literati), OSPD4 (School Scrabble list), Droidwords (for that game), YAWL (for Wordsmith), WWF (for Words with Friends) and ENABLE (for Angry Words), plus a special COMMON list (compiled by Gunther Software from various sources) of 46,000+ words in common use (you won't find "ACANTHOCEPHALAN" there!).

Gunther Software's proprietary word list technology makes it possible to fit these lists, having a total of 1,712,585 words, into a reasonably-sized app, along with the best software ever developed to mine them for words!

This is Your Word Game - On FullBoard!

Once you've selected the game type and word list for the game you are currently playing, just enter the letters from your game's board and rack into FullBoard to see, on a full board for your game, every word that can be played, best words first! The highest-rated word appears by default; you can then tap a button to move through the rest in almost any order you like, or even ask the app to show you words from a particular area of your board!

To enter letters from your game into FullBoard, just hold the "Peek" button (or swipe across the board and hold) to take a quick look through FullBoard (which becomes transparent) at the word game you are playing. Then, raise your finger to un-hide FullBoard, and tap and type for lightning-fast entry of the board and rack letters from your game. If you have a pull-out or external keyboard, FullBoard supports those, too!

Using the above approach, you can enter an entire board full of letters in a minute or two, but thanks to our Save Board and Load Board features, you'll almost never have to enter more than the words from your most recent turn.

This is so much easier than attempting to capture an image of a word game screen and then import it into the helper app each time you make a play. And, unlike a screen-image importer, it also works for physical games like the Scrabble game you're playing on your kitchen table with family and friends!

Word Space Explorer

Unlike other helpers, this app will quickly and continuously find and update (as you type rack and board letters) a list of every word that can be played, even if there are thousands of them. And after it's found all of the words, it gives you unequaled tools for exploring the entire "word space" of your game.

This app is about noticing patterns and learning; it's about getting your neurons firing in new ways so that the possibilities jump out at you as you look at your board in future games, just as they would for an expert player. It's not just about getting the highest score on your current play!

When you review your plays with an expert's vision and insight, you learn the patterns to watch for to make a great play, and you can pick up dozens of new words every time you take a turn. So viewing your board like an expert is an effective, easy and fun way to actually become a better player!

Like a Spreadsheet for Word Games!

Solution words appear and magically update as you are typing your letters; "you don't even have to ask!"℠. There's no "Solve" button required; the updates just happen, and you see new words appear each time you type a new letter to the board or the rack. This makes it easy to experiment, so you can answer questions like "did I consider all of the hook letters that my opponent might put onto the end of the word I just played?"

Exploring the Board

Our exclusive Heat Map Mode lights up all playable squares like "the eyes of an expert,"℠ showing squares with the highest-scoring words in "hot" colors like red.  And, as you look at those "hot" areas of your board, you can use our "presto"℠ feature to see the actual words that can cover it by just long-pressing any square in the area!

See a triple-word bonus that looks out of reach? Find out if some word can stretch to it by a glance at the heat map. If there are any such words, that square will be lit up, and you can see the words themselves by just laying your finger down on the square!

Have a blank or an S on your rack that you might want to KEEP for a future turn?  Just long-press that rack tile to see the playable words that don't need it.  Have more than one "I" tile?  Just long-press one of them twice to see all of the words that would DUMP it onto the board!

Sorting Playable Words

You can sort the words found by FullBoard based on score, position on the board, length or alphabetical order. Whatever sort order you choose will be used to order the display of your results. And if you add in the requests described above to view words that cover a particular square, or that require, or don't require, certain rack letters, those words will then be sorted by score, position, length or alpha; whichever you have chosen.

Sorting by score is the obvious choice, but what if you found a great word on your rack, and after "racking" your brains, could not find a good place to play it? Just sort alphabetically and then slide your finger along the SeekBar to where that word would be, to see if, and where, that word might have been played! 

Or, what if you were looking to play along a certain row or column of the board?  Just sort by position and then slide your finger along the SeekBar until you reach that row or column, and then proceed more slowly, one by one, using the arrow buttons, to see every word in that area!

But Wait, There's More!

Besides its unmatched ability to find and explore all of the words you might play, FullBoard is loaded with extras.

For starters, the app's Check Word field can tell you as you type into it if the letters you have entered are a word in the current list. If you play word games at home, this takes the place of a dictionary for instantly and accurately resolving word challenges. If the dotted line under the green checkmark (or red X) turns solid, it means there are no longer words that start with the letters you've entered (so there's no need to waste time adding letters on).

For convenience, there's a Play button that moves the currently displayed word from your rack to your board.  And the Def button leads to a definition on an external Web site (this is the only feature that requires Internet connectivity, and it goes through your browser, so the app does not need any Internet permissions at all).

And FullBoard's Single Row mode allows you to find all words that start with, include or end with certain letters. So, if you want a list of all "Q" words, this is the place to come! And if you enter two blanks, you'll get a list of all two-letter words in your word list! Or, if you're wondering whether there is any word that you opponent could possibly hook onto the word you just played, so as to reach that triple word score she's been eyeing, this is the place to check that out. This mode is great for finding anagrams, too!

There is no word finder in or out of Android that can compare with this app!

Help for the Helper

Complete help information is available at all times from inside the app itself; no Internet connection required. And there's also a Guided Tour mode that walks you through almost everything the app can do while you're using the app itself! We have done everything possible to ensure that you have a great experience using this powerful helper!


Your Privacy

As of this writing, FullBoard does not require any Internet permissions from its users, and most editions of FullBoard do not require any permissions at all. For a complete description of privacy as it relates to the FullBoard family of apps, please click here.

It All Comes Down to You

FullBoard won't automatically make you a great word game player. But if you make each play as well as you can on your own, and then consult FullBoard to see where you might have done better, it will be an incredible aid to your learning.

Although you'll still have opponents, in a way you'll be playing against yourself, as well. So if you get an awful rack of letters, and an awful board, and have to settle for a ten-point word, you might feel OK about that if you find out from FullBoard afterward that your ten point word was the best that could be played. Conversely, if you have a great rack of letters and an amazing board, and play a sixty point bingo that demolishes your opponent, you may be chastised to find out from FullBoard about the 90-point word that you missed.

If you use this tool as a learning aid, and not as a crutch or a cheating machine, you should see a gradual but satisfying improvement in your skills. In games of this kind, that is the greatest reward one can gain.

Ads Schmads, Free Schmee!

We do not offer an ad-funded, "free" version of this app. Instead, we offer a free, full-featured 14-day trial of our full, 11-game application, with no ads at all.

Every inch of real estate on your device is used to present FullBoard's rich, expert view of your game. You cannot imagine how we have racked our brains to fit FullBoard's powerful features onto some of the tiniest phones!

If we had a free version, then we'd have to sacrifice some of that space for ads. And that would mean that our paid version would have space that was wasted on unhelpful filler to plug up the hole left by the ads.

We don't have that problem because there are no ads in any version of FullBoard, so we don't reserve space for them. As a result, everything you need can be found on the main FullBoard display, without grinding back and forth between a display showing a list of words and your game board. You enter your game's letters and then see results instantly on the same board to which you entered them.

You tap the board, enter your game's words, and then long-press any square on that same board to see solution words for that square. You tap the rack to enter your rack tiles, and you see the tiles of that same rack change color to show which ones are required to play the solution word you are presently viewing. It's all in front of you on a single display, active and alive and responsive to your inputs and requests. If you occasionally need to save or load a board, change the sort mode, or whatever, we do that in a pop-up dialog and then take that quickly out of your way.

This is a premium tool, and we believe that it is absolutely the best tool of its kind that was ever developed. It's intended to be used on a regular basis, after each play, as part of improving your game, not just when you are "stuck" or as a "cheat" to gain an unfair advantage over others. The more that you use it, the more you'll appreciate that there aren't any ads to distract you or get in your way.

You Loved the Book - Now See the Movie!

If you have any doubt that this is the most complete and innovative word game helper ever invented, please have a look at our video demonstrations below!

Demonstration of the FullBoard 11+ Word Game Helper:

Demonstration of the FullBoard Angry Words Helper (a single-game FullBoard edition):

Demonstration of the FullBoard Wordfeud Helper (a single-game FullBoard edition):

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We feel confident that you will be amazed and pleased with the insights you gain by viewing your games with this app!

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