Privacy Policies Pertaining to the FullBoard Word Game Helper App Family

As of this writing, an app in the FullBoard family does not ask for permissions that would be required to access the Internet. Therefore, to the best of our knowledge, FullBoard is categorically incapable of transmitting any data about you, the user, outside of your device. It also has no advertising, and so, to the best of our knowledge, there is no possibility of your privacy being compromised by a third party ad provider through your use of FullBoard itself.

If, in the future, it becomes necessary to ask for additional permissions in order to provide additional functionality, this page will be updated. FullBoard's privacy policy is also expressed in the Help pages of each app edition, so if you have installed one of those editions, then you can also check those pages after updating your app for any updates to this policy.

FullBoard does, however, direct you to two external Web sites through use of your own browser (thereby avoiding the need for FullBoard to ask for Internet access permission itself). One of these links is to a dictionary site (currently for the convenient lookup of a word that FullBoard has found (activated when you press the app's Def button). The privacy policies of that site can be found on the site itself (currently at

The second site is, a service that allows you to recommend FullBoard to friends through social media and email. This is activated when you press one of the buttons in the FullBoard app's help pages that allow you to conveniently share FullBoard with your friends.

As of this writing, collects only information that is not personally identifiable, including information that is forwarded to Gunther Software regarding how many people have shared FullBoard with their friends. These statistics on the level of sharing are reported to Gunther Software so that it can judge how frequently news about it is being spread by its own users; there is no personally identifiable information provided to Gunther Software - just total numbers of people sharing, broken down by the social networks (e.g., Facebook) through which the sharing has occurred.

AddThis itself collects additional information, none of which is personally identifiable, but some of which may be used to make the ads that are delivered to a user's browser more relevant to that user. Note that FullBoard apps do not contain any ads, but that does not mean that AddThis cannot use information that it collects from its own Web site to provide better targeting for its own customers' ads. Users can opt out of this feature via if they choose to do so. They can also simply choose to share information about FullBoard with their friends by means not involving AddThis. The full privacy policies of AddThis can be viewed at

Addthis provides a convenient and popular way of sharing, but there are many good alternatives if, for some reason, you would like to avoid it. The Share by Email button provided next to the Addthis sharing buttons in the FullBoard app's help facility, for example, will take you directly to your own email client with a pre-filled, editable message linking to FullBoard's 11+ Word Game Helper app. Doing this does not involve the use of AddThis, and FullBoard itself does not record your use of this feature in any manner; it is just as if you had created the email yourself, only easier. You can also share news of your FullBoard app by directly logging in to your Facebook or other social media account.

Finally, if you access the Google Play page for the FullBoard app by clicking on a Google Adwords ad, and subsequently purchase the app, the fact that a purchase was made that originated from that ad may be anonymously recorded. This information is made available to Gunther Software through its Adwords interface. This Adwords data does not include the specific individual who clicked on the ad and purchased the app, it only makes an association between the ad and the purchase.